Michael Vartan and David Cross are starring in a movie together. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both: Vartan (pictured, right) for playing Mr. Coulson in Never Been Kissed and Cross (pictured, left) for that time that I was going to see one of his comedy shows in New York, couldn’t find the club, saw him on the street, and said, “Um, David?” and asked for directions. (The friend I was with — who, incidentally, was the person who wrote into and got Doug Benson to review Gigli — won’t let me forget my timid approach. We both remember the scared look on Cross’ face.) But, it’s weird, no?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, they will play “bitter tire store rivals” in a comedy called Demoted: “Vartan will play Rodney McAdams, a hotshot Treadline Tires salesassociate who delights in tormenting his less-than-cool colleague,Ken (Cross). But when their boss suddenly dies, Ken is promoted and assigns Rodney to a secretarial job as payback, giving the malechauvinist a taste of his own medicine.”

Is this the oddest comedy duo in recent memory? Or can you top it?

Strange Bedfellows
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