You may recognize Bow Wow when he pops up on HBO’s Entourage this September as a new client of Eric’s (Kevin Connolly), but don’t bother looking for his name in the credits. The 21-year-old rapper-actor is opting to use his real moniker, Shad Moss. “Bow Wow is an established artist, but he’s just a kid,” Wow says. “Shad Moss is who I am 24/7.” But he’s not out of the doghouse just yet: the seventh Bow Wow album, Pedigree, is due out this November. And even though it features high-profile guests like Snoop Dogg, T.I., Nelly, Lil Wayne, and Soulja Boy, Bow Wow (or is it Moss?) hints that he¹s flirting with the idea of retiring from music entirely. “One day I will stop and just be an actor. I feel it in my bones. But when I¹m on

a movie set for three months watching [BET’s] 106 & Park and I don¹t see me on there, that drives me to think I can¹t leave it alone just yet.”

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