Well, it was only a matter of time. One New York minute after word spread that fans of the Sex and the City movie were logging onto in hopes of purchasing Love Letters of Great Men — the fake book highlighted in the film — publisher Pan MacMillan announced that on Aug. 15, they’re planning to release a book with the same title in the U.K., to include “all of the letters referenced in the film.”

Now, I have no doubts that Love Letters will sell boatloads of books — He’s Just Not That Into You, for example, became a phenomenon thanks to rabid fans of the show — but considering only a few poems were referenced in the film, I’m not sure how Pan MacMillan plans on filling out the rest of the book (hopefully with pieces from poets more adept than Chris Noth’s Mr. Big). A forward by Evan Handler (hey, he needed something to do while the movie’s writers were busy giving him no lines)? A guide to bad bathroom-related puns by Sarah Jessica Parker? Or a letter to the producers from one angry, poor peacock whose feather was sacrificed in the name of tacky wedding fashion? Personally, I’m a bit SATCed out, and will likely save my money in protest of the fact that my favorite fake prop — buddy bands — still somehow doesn’t exist (not to mention all the brilliant fake products you all expressed your love for in the comment boards — hello The Man Inside Me!).

So, PopWatchers, what, or who, would you like to see in the book? Will you order a copy? Or do you, like me, plan on avoiding it like a tempting buff, naked neighbor in a steamy shower?

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