Since Shannen, Jennie, Tori and even Nat have all agreed to appear on the new 90210, at least one more comeback seemed inevitable. Are you with me here? The show just wouldn’t have been the same without her.

No, not Gabrielle Carteris!

Um, no, not Tiffani Thiessen, either.

Or Kathleen Robertson, Vanessa Marcil or Lindsay Price.

It’s Ann Gillespie!


She played Kelly’s Mommie Dearest, Jackie Taylor, remember? She married (and divorced) David’s dad, Mel, and had a daughter, Erin, with him. Odd then that the redo’s resident vixen, whose surname and nickname is Silver, is really named Daphne, not Erin. (Update: I’ve just been informed that the character’s name was changed to Erin months ago, so ignore that bit about Daphne. All is right with the world!) Regardless, sources confirm to me semi-exclusively that Gillespie is on board for at least one episode.

So what do you think — are you looking forward to more mother/daughter showdowns between Jackie and Kelly? Or are you still holding out for a return by Carol Potter? Sound off below! (Additional reporting by Andy Patrick)