According to a poll conducted this weekend, 64 percent of people who saw The Dark Knight would see it again in the theater, making it even more impossible for the rest of us to see it just once. THANKS A LOT.

The movie I saw the most in a theater was American Beauty. I was a freshman in college and terrified that I wouldn’t make any friends, so I just kept saying yes to new people who wanted to go. (Um, there was a Ground Round right next to the theater and we inexplicably went there, too.) I think I saw it four times, maybe seven. Since 1999, I’ve spoken to those movie companions zero times, yet almost always watch part or all of American Beauty when it’s on HBO even though I’m sick of it by now. Priorities, I guess. You know what those dorm mates would say to me today? “It’s okay, Annie. I wouldn’t remember me either.” JK people!

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand: Would you go to see The Dark Knight again, already? And which other movies have you repeat-theater’ed? (Oh, and if you haven’t read Benjamin Svetkey’s recent EW feature on the current box-office champ, by all means click here.)

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