Here’s a confession for my crafty fellow PopWatchers: I’m highly skilled in the art of decoupage. In fact, I’ve been known to whip up objets ‘d arte using a copy of People magazine, a glue stick, and my teenyboppy imagination.

Now as an intern at, my cube doesn’t have an official plastic nametag, so on a recent afternoon, after coming across a small picture of my beloved Justin Timberlake with an actress who’s apparently known as Jessica Biel, I decided to remedy the situation; I sized a Facebook-approved photo of myself to fit conveniently over this Biel person’s head — no hard feelings, dear — and my Faux-to Shopping was the instant horror envy of my co-workers.

I know in my heart I’m not alone in my gluey professions of love for my favorite entertainers. If you’ve ever sacrificed one celebrity’s head to weasel your way up next to another, then it’s time to confess your cut and pastes in the comments section below!