Streaming full episodes of your favorite TV shows online is no longer the novelty that it was even a year ago, but it’s still bracing to discover just how many of your favorite shows, old and new, you can find and watch in just a couple of clicks. Here’s a list of some 50 sites where you can stream or download episodes of just about every show you can think of; some sites aren’t free, and some are file-sharing sites where you may run afoul of copyright laws, but most are free sites with legal and licensed content. And the gems you’ll discover — AOL Television (to name just one site) claims to have more than 9,000 full episodes, including several installments of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., starring EW fave Bruce Campbell (pictured). Check out the list, let us know which sites you might add (keep ’em legal, folks), which ones you’ve had good luck with, and which particular finds you’d like to share with your fellow P-Dubs.

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