Last night, returning home from a weekend visit to visit my mom’s house, I was charged with the all-important task of doling out Werther’s Originals delicious snacks and playing iPod deejay. The last five songs on our road trip prove that I was subconsciously in the mood for songs with parenthetical song titles (but then again, when am I not?) and that I was feeling nostalgic for late ’80s/early ’90s dance music. Here’s the unfiltered (and not completely embarrassing) set list:

Okay, I got the party started, and now it’s your turn: What were the last five songs you played on your iPod (or stereo)? And remember: No editing allowed, even if you’re coming off a deeply dubious “Macarena”-“Mambo No. 5” double-header!

addCredit(“Bernhard: Gareth Davies/Getty Images; Simon: Joe Corrigan/Getty Images”)