Some things you must know before watching the trailer for Surfer, Dude. One, Matthew McConaughey produced it. Two, best we can tell, it’s not a parody of surfer movies, or pot movies, or Woody Harrleson movies. Three, best we can tell, it’s not a remake of the McConaughey-Harrleson opus EdTV, even if the “surfer dude gets a reality show” “plot” seems awfully familiar. And four, according to the (notoriously reliable) IMDb, Tom Hanks also produced it, although his name appears to be absent from the trailer’s credits screen, which, given what preceded it, is probably a smart move on the part of Hanks.

So, PopWatchers, if you’re McConaughey’s agent, do you throw up your palms and say “I’m out”? Or congratulate your client on a masterful capitalization on the internet sport of spotting the newest image of him shirtless? Or maybe you’ve got another idea for the future of the guy’s career? If so, share it. Quickly. After all, some folks, like my colleague Erin Stevenson, actually think McConaughey’s got more talent than he gets credit for. (Check out her gallery defending the Fool’s Gold Lone Star star by clicking here.)