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No week in entertainment would be complete without a rousing chorus of cheers and sneers from the PopWatch gallery. Sometimes it can get pretty ugly on our message boards. Sometimes it’s a cauldron of over-sharing and good vibrations. Either way, we felt the time had arrived to launch an end-of-the-week feature recapping the PopWatch items from the last five days that generated the greatest number of reader responses. Take a look back at what your fellow PopWatchers had to say about the following stories, and if you don’t see your own handle in the comments section, by all means go back and add your two cents. Who did you agree with? Who made ya mad as hell? Whatever your emotional state, it’s time to enter the fray. (Don’t those italics add a nice sense of urgency?)

1) Remember the good ol’ days — pre-American Idol — when us common folk didn’t get to vote in major televised competitions? Sad to say, certain contests continue to ignore our passionate lobbying and voter-registration efforts. In the case of the 2008 Emmy nominations, that isn’t sitting so well with some of you. Especially those of you devoted to The Wire (pictured).

2) Who does Comfort Fedoke think she is? And why does her name sound strangely like some rare herbal tea?

3) Can I add The Story of Edgar Sawtelle to the list already? Or is that a little preemptive? Find out what other tomes PopWatchers considered MIA on the list of EW’s New Book Classics.

4) OMG guys!!!! Have you seen the new HSM3 trailer????

5) And now that we’re on the topic: It was the best of times….it was the worst of times….it was high school. The upcoming American Teen has us reminiscing about our own place in the pre-adult hierarchy.

6) Are we really sure America does have talent? I, for one, remain steadfastly unconvinced.

7) “Give me your lunch money or I’ll kick your butt and steal your X-Files DVD’s! Because that show SUCKS!”

8) Whaddaya say we pop across the pond and check in on the actors who ought to be huge here already?

9) We don’t like to work at Entertainment Weekly, so could you make our Must List for us?

10) Barney’s rolling with a posse these days. What limits will you set on your child’s TV time, if any?