Is she a slut? That was the question on the mind of some in the audience as Grey’s Anatomy alum Elizabeth Reaser introduced her new character at CBS’ TCA Press Tour presentation on Friday. Reaser stars in the freshman fall dramedy The Ex List, in which she plays a woman, Bella Bloom, who goes through her list of ex-boyfriends to find husband. (See, a psychic tells Bella that if she doesn’t get married this year, she’ll never get hitched — except that she’s also told that she has already met, and been romantically involved with, her future hubby.) The older and more prudish reporters in the crowd were quick to call Bella a slut, because of her rather large (and always seemingly growing) list of exes. But Reaser refused to give any ground. “What is a slut?” she asked, forcefully. “Who’s to say? How does one define that? It’s relative.”

The show’s exec producer Diane Ruggiero took the chance to explain the whole premise a bit more. “It’s not just people [Bella] dated, but also people she’s been romantically involved with, which gets defined in the pilot,” Ruggiero said. “It could be the kid she passed notes with in the sixth grade, but they never did it. But if they did, that wouldn’t make her a slut.”