CW president Dawn Ostroff stressed there is “no deadline” for the fledging network to prove itself as a competitive player in television and said that it’s “made a lot of progress” when it comes to developing profitable shows for the parent company. Talking to reporters at the annual TV critics gathering in Beverly Hills, Ostroff spoke enthusiastically about how Gossip Girl has cracked the zeitgeist, but acknowledged there is a huge disconnect between its pop culture status and the Nielsen households. “No doubt, this was a challenging year,” Ostroff said. “We have to figure out a way to count all those different viewing habits. Every viewer must be counted. No viewer should be left behind.”

Ostroff also announced that Reaper will return for midseason and that there are no plans to renew Beauty and the Geek.

Also up for discussion was the CW’s upcoming Sam Raimi show, 13: The Fear is Real, which will bow in the fall. The fright-fest reality show will attempt to scare the bejesus out of 13 teens dropped into the Louisiana Bayou. “The best way to describe the show is Blair Witch Project as a reality series,” says Ostroff. “There is a lot of tension and fear.” In a clip screened for reporters, the narrator said players will be “killed” off and the winner will win a prize of $66,666. “We’ll do anything for attention at the CW,” Ostroff said. “These people aren’t killed off. They disappear once they are eliminated and will never be seen again by the group of survivors.”

“We were shocking to see how invested these contestants were, they really felt the horror,” she continued. “You really feel for these people. You get to know them very quickly.”