What happened to the 'Queer Eye' guys -- We uncover the Fab 5's projects like Carson Kressley's new talk show and Jai Rodriguez's ''Groomer Has It''

Five years after he tszujed his way to fame, Carson Kressley just scored a new gig on Lifetime. But how are the rest of the Fab Five faring?

Two strikingly different geniuses have emerged. Keeping it classy is food guru Ted Allen, who’s parlayed his discerning palate into a judging stint on Bravo’s Top Chef. And as polarizing as Carson Kressley may be, you can’t deny he’s doing something right as the new face of the increasingly Bravo-like Lifetime, popping up in last winter’s How to Look Good Naked — and now a pilot of his own talk show.

We miss you, Thom Filicia and Kyan Douglas. You’ve been MIA since the glory days! Kyan, where did you disappear to after you guest-starred on Living With Fran? And Thom: Dress My Nest, honestly? We expect more from both of you.

Jai Rodriguez is in the doghouse, almost literally, as the host of Animal Planet’s pet-care competition series Groomer Has It. Humiliating fare tends to be his modus operandi — ahem, Celebrity Duets, ahem — but it’s clear this onetime culture vulture has totally flown the coop.