By Mandi Bierly
July 18, 2008 at 08:43 PM EDT

The acting may not look Oscar-worthy, but Robert Pattinson, as Edward, sure looks hot!Trailer No. 2 for the movie adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s bestseller Twilight (read EW’s recent cover story) is clearly trying to convey that this is an action movie. Fair enough. It just makes me wonder how much time they’ll be spending on the opening does he like me or hate me? tension between Edward and Bella (Kristen Stewart). I want them to torture us with it. Luckily, I also love seeing Edward in protective mode, even if evil James (Cam Gigandet) isn’t freaking me out like he did in the book. Yet.

Are you still counting the days until the film’s Dec. 12 release? (Kill some time by weighing in on our “Team Edward or Team Jacob” debate. More than 2,000 votes have already been cast…)