The 'Queen Bee''s makeup -- The new N series is a mix of ''America's Next Top Model,'' ''Celebrity Rehab,'' and ''Beauty and the Geek''

We’re used to reality TV cribbing from past series, but the king of recombining spare parts from other shows is definitely The N’s Queen Bees (Fridays, 8:30 p.m.).

À la America’s Next Top Model, attractive young ladies live together in a house (always high-drama gold), but these Bees were chosen for being mean girls, not for their model potential. Bonus: The host is Top Model 2 winner Yoanna House.

Psychologist and life coach Dr. Michelle (The Tyra Banks Show) is like Celebrity Rehab‘s Dr. Drew, breaking the girls down in group counseling and rewarding them for behaving with stars on a wall chart.

As in Beauty and the Geek, learning to care about others (even those less attractive) wins the game. These girls have a ways to go: Says 20-year-old Brittany, ”Like, I really don’t feel bad for homeless people.”