A meeting of the TV mailmen -- We compare ''Lost'''s letter carrier Echo DeMille with our favorite ''Cheers'' postman Cliff Clavin

By Josh Wolk
July 18, 2008 at 04:00 AM EDT

A meeting of the TV mailmen

The new Heroes webisodes, released weekly on NBC.com, introduce Echo DeMille (Kiko Ellsworth), a postman with powers who has a scary amount in common with another mailman, Cliff Clavin.

Echo‘s supersonic voice bores into his enemies’ ears, bringing pain and death.
Cliff‘s little-known facts can bore his best friends at Cheers to death.

Life Change
Echo happily leads a normal life on his route, until he’s suddenly put in jeopardy.
Cliff was sent back to his normal life and route after suddenly losing at Jeopardy!

Echo: a human ”constrictor,” who squeezes the life out of his prey.
Cliff: a human reproductor Carla, who squeezes out new kids every other season.

Love One in Peril
The Company tries to attack Echo through his lover (Rebeka Montoya).
Cliff‘s companion Norm is in danger of being attacked by his own liver.