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We’ve done posts about our stupidest pop-culture related arguments and whether or not we correct strangers when we overhear them making an error in conversation. But today, we’re sharing that one time when we were (gulp) actually wrong.

Earlier this week, I was talking with a colleague about Kevin Costner. (Because, why wouldn’t I be?) Like me, he’s pro-Kevin, and was making the point that from 1987 to 1992, Costner had an amazing run, with at least one megahit each year. Then, he started talking about the Oscar love those films received. He referenced Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves‘ nomination for Best Picture. Best Picture?! Please, the only nomination that movie got was for Best Song. (Though Alan Rickman should’ve been recognized for his unexpectedly twisted portrayal of the Sheriff of Nottingham. His performance was a precursor to Johnny Depp’s Keith Richards-inspired take on Captain Jack Sparrow, if you ask me. At least Rickman took home the BAFTA for supporting actor.)

When I finished laughing at this colleague, who’d been so adamant about the film’s nomination, I told him I’d be blogging our exchange — which is when he asked not to be named. Help him feel better. When were you completely and utterly wrong about a pop-culture factoid?

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