Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't about ''The Dark Knight,'' ''Quantum of Solace,'' and more

Feeback from our readers

In issue #1001, the CAPED CRUSADER, the king of horror, and the late, great George Carlin had readers buzzing.

Tales From the ‘Dark’ Side
Yes, Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight looks to be incredible. Yes, he was taken from us too soon. But instead of focusing on Christopher Nolan’s film, you devoted much of your story to Ledger’s death (”Dark Victory”). Wouldn’t it have been a more fitting memorial for you to talk more about the movie itself?
Jake VanKersen

The editors respond: Nolan’s movie is terrific, and it’s going to be an enormous hit. Still, the fact is that a really special guy died, and right now that trumps stuff like how they built the Bat Pod. We wanted to tell the story of Ledger’s extraordinary performance from start to finish — which no one had done. If this were 52 years ago, and we were writing about Giant, we would have focused on James Dean, who died in a car wreck soon after he finished shooting. Would we have been wrong?

The stare-down between the Joker and Batman on your cover was brilliant. It only heightened the menacing relationship of DC’s iconic characters.
Ryan Pominville
Hudson, Wis.

Fighting for the Title
I was offended by Gregory Kirschling’s backhanded compliment to Quantum of Solace (Movies). It’s actually a perfect title for this Bond movie — if you know what the words quantum and solace mean. I’m assuming his problem wasn’t with of.
James Wilson
Portland, Ore.

Writer Gregory Kirschling responds: You’re right: I have no problem with ”of.” And I know what ”solace” means. (Had to look up ”quantum,” though.) I still think it’s a weird, snoozy title for what I presume will be a kick-ass action movie. A ”quantum of solace” sounds like something a doctor might prescribe for an enlarged prostate.

A Stand-Up Guy
While I admire the foulmouthed hilarity of comedians like Dane Cook, no one could switch from fart jokes to Faustian musings as seamlessly as George Carlin (Television). He was the epitome of purposeful comedy and will be missed.
Tim Koerner
St. Paul

Anatomy of a Thriller
Stephen King was right: Movies are scarier when they’re low-budget and the killer has no motive (The Pop of King). I go to the movies to be convinced that what I’m seeing could happen. But today’s CGI-laden films don’t do that for me. If I want to be frightened by something digitized, I’d rather just play a PC game.
Erica Friedman
Astoria, N.Y.

If King is going to decide what makes a good horror movie, perhaps he should actually watch the movie first. He dissed the new X-Files film without seeing it. But the series proved it could handle horror. Just watch season 4’s ”Home.”
Maria Moff
Akron, Ohio

Beijing’s got nothing on Scranton, Pa. On July 19, the burg is hosting the office Games, a promotional event officiated by Mindy Kaling, a.k.a. Kelly. (Sorry, folks, her Office mates won’t be joining her.) In the spirit of the games, PopWatch visitors dreamed up Dunder Mifflin-worthy competitions.

A ”How many Jim faces can you make in a minute?” contest.

Each person has a Jell-O mold with a stapler inside and must pull out the stapler with his mouth.
Scott K

Delete the porn from Kevin’s computer: See how many dirty e-mails you can delete in 60 seconds.
Arsenio Billingham

A scavenger hunt: Place Andy’s cell phone in a hidden location and see who finds it first.