Elton John's U.S. tour highlights -- The musician's best memories from concerts across America

On July 21, the rock icon will become part of music’s most exclusive clique: After his Essex Junction, Vt., show, he’ll have played live in all 50 states. Here, Sir Elton, 61, dishes about his most memorable tour dates.

”Dodger Stadium was amazing in 1975. That was the height of my career. Cary Grant came; I’ll never forget that. And Charles Nelson Reilly was behind the bar serving drinks.”

”I went on holiday in Maui in the early ’80s and played a bar there for two nights. I stood up to take the applause and I got hit by the ceiling fan. That was quite funny.”

New York
”Madison Square Garden is my favorite venue in the whole world. I’ve played there 60 times. It’s got an intimate feel, and yet it’s nearly 19,000 people strong. The floor bounces up and down.”

North Carolina
”I got hit by a hash pipe in Greensboro in the mid ’70s. I was wearing that giant chicken outfit that I wore on The Muppet Show. One minute I was playing ‘Burn Down the Mission,’ and the next minute I was on the floor. The band thought I’d been shot because there was blood coming out of my temple.”

”I was threatened with death in Houston at a show in the late ’80s. But they were so stupid, they put their seat number on the letter.”

”I got so pissed off at an early-’80s show in Tulsa because of the sound, I tried to push the grand piano off the stage. I guess gigs don’t always go well.”

And Vermont!
”Ben & Jerry’s is creating an ice cream called Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road. I just said I liked peanut butter, and they came up with the whole thing. We thought it would be nice to link up with Ben & Jerry’s, but they’re more than generously donating proceeds from the ice cream to the Elton Johns AIDS Foundation, which is even better.”