Look carefully at the following restaurant advertisement. See anything out of place among the enticements for savory garlic shrimp, langostino linguini alfredo, and fire-roasted lobster? Keep scrolling down, down, down…there you go!

Yes, because my mother keeps me up to date on all things Rock of Love—she knows my priorities—she sent me a page of ads from The Sandpaper, Southern Ocean County, N.J.’s premiere weekly newspaper. Insert: my squeal of joy upon seeing that Rock of Love Season 2‘s Daisy de la Hoya (and yes, she is related to Oscar) will be providing “Saturday entertainment” at The Marlin, a local seafood joint. What kind of entertainment? You’ll have to use your imagination, my friends—but the fact that her visage is placed alongside the “Kids Eat Free! Daily” shout-out leads me to believe she’ll be a little more covered-up than she is in the photos on her MySpace page. Of course, as we learned on Rock of Love, Daisy does fancy herself something of a singer, so perhaps there’ll be “music” on the menu.

As I am unfortunately unable to make it out to Beach Haven, N.J. this weekend, PopWatchers, I leave it to you to make your way to The Marlin to see Daisy’s “entertainment,” then report back to me first thing Monday! So who’s up for the challenge? Anyone? Bueller?

Hell to the No!
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