Comic-Con's usual suspects -- From tag along girlfriends to role playing regulars, we look at the prototypical convention attendees

Among the 125,000 or so fans who now flock to Comic-Con, a few familiar types tend to show up every year.

Campers (kam-pers)
noun People who arrive at the convention ballrooms each morning, burrow in, and remain in their seats all day as panel after panel parades in front of them.

Princess Naked (prin[t]-ses na-ked)
noun A young woman wearing nothing more than skillfully placed electric tape. Coined by the daughter of author Michael Chabon.

Family Man (fam-le man)
noun A dad who doesn’t realize that fandom isn’t genetic. So, he sets up his kid for years of therapy by dressing him up as a baby superhero.

Dr. Girlfriends (däkter ger([e]l-frends)
noun Friends/lovers/wives of the Con faithful who have no interest in the convention but attend solely to show their support.

LARPers (lärp-ers)
noun Live-action role-players. In other words: people who dress up as characters they’ve invented, and then use the world as their personal game board.