Celebs' namesake bling -- The jewelry trend started by Carrie Bradshaw can be seen on ''Ugly Betty'' and Lauren Conrad
Katy Perry
Credit: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Carrie Bradshaw may have spawned the jewelry trend, but we’ve ID’d a new crop of stars who are accessorizing by personalizing. Baby, remember their names!

Blair Waldorf
Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester flaunts the family name with a ”Waldorf” engraved necklace ($1,200, garlandcollection.com).

Lauren Conrad
This two-finger ring doubles as brass knuckles, in case Lauren has to deliver a blow to a certain blond rival ($450, xivkarats).

Betty Suarez
SATC stylist Patricia Field picked this royal ”B” to adorn Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera ($192, parrishrelics.com).

Katy Perry
Her hit ”I Kissed a Girl” won us over, and her style is just as charming ($65, LA Gold, 323-565-3337).

Making a Good Initial Impression
Guys can score points for smart fashion too, with letter-perfect Scrabble tile cuff links ($40, uncommongoods.com).