Why I’m looking forward to Kevin Costner’s latest flick, Swing Vote (trailer below), in theaters Aug. 1:

1. I missed Roy McAvoy, the lovable loser Costner plays in Tin Cup. Bud Johnson, the lovable loser he plays in Swing Vote, appears to be a cousin.
2. The odds are good that I’ll witness the best “we, the people” political speech since the one Goldie Hawn delivered at the end of Protocol.
3. No one does sarcasm better than Stanley Tucci. (I’m so happy that he was available to reprise his role from Maid in Manhattan.)
4. Normally, I end up going to see Kevin Costner flicks by myself. But my birthday is July 31, which means some friends will cave.

Any other reasons to be stoked for this movie?

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