We all know I’ll read any story that has the words Hallmark and films in the headline, and I was rewarded recently when I dived into a Variety piece teasing some of the 30 movies on the network’s production slate: Expecting a Miracle, starring Jason Priestley and Teri Polo, will premiere Jan. 3, 2009. I’m emailing Jessica Shaw as soon as I finish this blog item and telling her that I’m reviewing it for the What to Watch section of Entertainment Weekly. Priestley, star of ABC Family’s I Want to Marry Ryan Banks, and Polo, of Hallmark’s Straight From the Heart, together at last? YES!

Now, Variety didn’t give any details about the plot of the film, so the suspense will kill me. What do you think this “miracle” is? It’s premiering post-holidays, so it probably won’t involve an angel that looks like Patty Duke, which is unfortunate, because I’d love a sequel to Hallmark’s 1999 classic A Season for Miracles, starring Carla Gugino and David Conrad. No, seriously.