Some in-flight entertainment is just too heavy — literally. US Airways says it’s phasing out in-flight movies on domestic flights as a cost-cutting measure; the display system its planes use weighs 500 pounds, and yanking it out of 200 planes could save $10 million a year in fuel costs. Now, this doesn’t mean other airlines will follow suit, or that US Airways won’t come up with a lighter way to show in-flight movies (eventually, though probably not for quite a while yet, seat-back-embedded monitors will become common, allowing each passenger to choose his or her own movies and TV shows). Still, this shift makes me wonder: now that so many people have iPods, video iPods, and personal DVD players (and laptop computers with DVD drives), do we really need in-flight movies anymore?

What do you do, PopWatchers, for in-flight entertainment? Do you still watch the movie you’re presented with, or do you bring your own? Do you buy a book or DVD at the airport, or do you bring them with you from home? Has anyone used those DVD rental kiosks at airports? Tell us how you entertain yourselves when you fly, and please don’t unbuckle your seatbelts until we come to a complete stop at the gate.