Guess what time it is! That’s right. Time for the next installment of EW’s New Classics list. (What, you thought we were done? Pshaw!) Hopefully you’ve had a chance to peruse our top book picks of the last 25 years (if not, the four parts are here, here, here, and here). As an avid TV watcher and woefully inconsistent book reader, I felt quite proud that I had plowed through several of the books on our list including the heart-wrenching Kite Runner, the “controversial” Da Vinci Code, and the I-never-want-to-eat-Chicken-McNuggets-again Fast Food Nation. My momentary conceit quickly disolved into melancholy, however, when I realized that the BEST BOOK EVER was not on our list: Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. I will never get back the 27 minutes I spent sobbing through the final chapters of this book, and I’d never want to. I can only hope the movie version starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana will be half as poignant. But what do you think, PopWatchers? Did we leave one (or more) of your new classic favorites off our list? Want to sign my Time Traveler’s Wife petition? Please spill.

Hell to the No!
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