Anyone know if Ellen Barkin’s got a younger sister she hasn’t told us about? Fox is about
to start the search for a strong and sexy tomboy (Jenna Elfman? House’s Olivia Wilde?) to play a man trapped in a woman’s body for a midseason drama from Journeyman creator Kevin Falls. The project sounds like a remake of the 1991 movie Switch (which starred Barkin) but it’s actually based on a telenovela from Argentina that, if ordered to series, could help Fox recapture those pre–American Idol days when young women actually tuned in to its dramas. “This won’t be a one-joke show like ‘Wow, heels are hard to walk in’ or ‘Dude, where’s my penis?’” explains Falls, who will executive produce the drama pilot with former ABC Entertainment President Jamie Tarses. “[

The show] will explore issues relating to both genders through a unique prism — a man trapped in a woman’s body. We’re already talking actresses and needless to say, she’s going to require strong physical and comedic chops and be in touch with her inner tomboy. It’s going to be the hardest role I’ve ever had to cast.”