From today’s Hollywood Reporter (and the Dept. of the Obvious): Movies don’t stick around in theaters for long. It’s true, y’all! Truer now than ever. I end up seeing most movies a few weeks after their wide release (mostly because I spend all my time catching up on TV; partly because I’m afraid of people), but this summer I seem to be getting shafted way more than usual. I put off seeing Baby Mama for so long — assuming plenty of NYC theaters would keep NYC comedy queens Tina ‘n’ Amy around — that as of mid-June, I’d missed my shot. Does this happen to you too? Obviously, considering the amount of new films released each week, I understand how ridiculous it is to expect a movie that opened in late April to be around NYC in July. But I don’t have to like it, so I’m proposing a chain of Theaters for the Lazy to open in all major cities. It’ll be like the Slow Food movement, but with film. I’m such a pioneer. A loser pioneer who’s bad at her job and who would surely drown while crossing any river on the Oregon Trail.

Who wants to join my Slow Movie USA movement? Our first meeting will be “at some point.” In the meantime, road trip to Cinemark Movies 10 in Rochester, NY to see Baby Mama!