Apparently, making trailers for books is the new thing. Which gives me an excuse to tell you what Fashionistas author Lynn Messina is doing to promote her first teen novel, Savvy Girl: She’s holding a “Be Reel Savvy” video trailer contest. You produce a 30- to 60- second trailer for the book, about 17-year-old Chrissy Gibbons’ struggle to prioritize as an intern at hip Savvy magazine; Messina’s panel of judges chooses a winner, whose empowering message for teen girls scores him or her a 60 GB Panasonic SDR-H60 hard-drive camcorder. (The contest is legit. Among the judges: Christine Peters, producer of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and the upcoming Friday Night Knitting Club with Julia Roberts, Whacked author Jules Asner, and EW’s own teen-culture expert, Jennifer Armstrong.)

The deadline for entries to be uploaded to the contest page on YouTube is midnight Aug. 15. (The winner is announced Aug. 20.) Submissions can follow the book — read the first chapter of Savvy Girl, as well as plot and character descriptions, at, then film one of four scenes — or be your own take on what it means to be a “savvy girl.”

Good luck!