The trailer for High School Musical 3: Senior Year hit the web today, and dear lord if I didn’t squeal like a little girl at a Jonas Brothers concert. Or maybe just like a Jonas brother. I’ll tell you exactly the moment the hairs on my arm stood on end: when gorgeous Gabriella stood up in the stands inside the Wildcats gym, time stopping and spotlight illuminating her white dress to megawatt angelic radiance, and sang to her sweetie Troy, anime manboy incarnate (he so could have been Speed Racer), working so very, very hard on the basketball court — and he sang back!

TROY: “Right now I can hardly breath!”
GABRIELLA: “I know you can do it just know that I believe!”
TROY: “And that’s all I really need!”
GABRIELLA: “Then come on!”
TROY: “Make me strong! It’s time to turn it up, GAME ON!”
(Actual lyrics. Dead serious)

I’m telling you: it’s gonna be the tweenybopper Harry Potter 7! A whole cultural phenomenon comes to a glorious, hyperpoppy climax on Oct 24. I am weeping! I am hysterical! I AM SO IN THE FRONT OF THIS LINE WHEN IT COMES OUT, and it can’t get here soon enough. What time is it? How about right frakking NOW, dammit! GAME ON!

Will you be at the front of the line, PopWatchers? Or hiding under the bleachers? Let us know!