Matthew McConaughey
Credit: Matthew McConaughey: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

My mom, Dee Barrett, likes to send me clippings from Chicago newspapers that she thinks might be pertinent to my job. A lot of them are about TV. Some are about nachos. Her latest envelope — which was honestly a little lacking, Dee — contained a greeting card, my sister’s new business card, and two of the ubiquitous print ads for the ongoing Beef: It’s What’s For Dinner campaign. That she bothered to send me bizarre beef ads warmed my heart. The message… not so much. I love meat, but these ads completely horrify me. Anyone else?!

I know this has nothing to do with entertainment. I just had to vent. Actually, I should make this about entertainment. If Beef decided to insert its new official spokesperson Matthew McConaughey (pictured, runnin’ down a dream) into said ads, I might find them more tasty. Think about it, Beef.