The Closer, starring Golden Globe winner Kyra Sedgwick, and Saving Grace, featuring Oscar winner Holly Hunter, return tonight to TNT. If you’ve always thought about watching, but haven’t, it’s not too late: You can get caught up in nine minutes. Below, you’ll find your 4:37 recap of The Closer‘s third season. Watch it, and you’re ready to jump into cable’s No. 1 series. (Come back tomorrow for our take on the fourth season premiere.)

The Closer

Next, you’ve got your 4:22 primer on Saving Grace. The last time we saw Hunter’s wild Oklahoma City investigator, she had a gun to the head of the priest who molested her when she was young. The season 2 premiere, which brings a twisted resolution to that story line, should establish Hunter as the most fearless actress on television today. (Check out our recent chat with the four-time Oscar nominee and find out which role on her résumé did actually scare her.)

Saving Grace

P.S. Am I the only one who would kill to know what hair product Holly Hunter and costar Laura San Giacomo use?