After an injury, So You Think You Can Dance finalist Jessica King leaves and Comfort Fedoke, eliminated last Thursday, takes Jessica’s place in the Top 10.

After watching Jessica plié for her life these past few weeks on So You Think You Can Dance, one thing became apparent: No matter how much technique, soul, or heartfelt contemporary routines this girl put out there, the judges were going to bash her on something. All their critiques centered around the idea that she was dead weight in her partnership with their beloved Debbie Allen protégé Will Wingfield. Last week Nigel went so far as to say the judges wished they could have sent home two girls to save one of the bottom three boys.

Touted as the best female hip hopper, Comfort Fedoke is getting a second chance, and can be seen performing with the Top 10 dancers this Wednesday night. In a statement released by Fox, top judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said, “I would like to say how sorry I am that Jessica cannot continue dancing in the competition at the advice of her doctor. Her full recovery is paramount and will only come with rest. We are fortunate that Comfort has agreed to rejoin the competition and know that under the circumstances she has Jessica’s full support.” No mention was made about the specifics surrounding Jessica’s injury.

Not only will Comfort be replacing Jessica in the Top 10, but she’ll take the contemporary dancer’s place on the So You Think You Can Dance tour that will hit 50 cities across the country this fall. For fans, we knew that Jess’s days were numbered, but to think the redhead was going to go out like this? And for many, Comfort’s exit last week was not only appropriate but arguably well overdue — do you think she even has it in her to return to the stage? Or will she just be a placeholder until Thursday night’s elimination? And why didn’t Nigel and the gang just bring back Thayne and really shake things up? How will Jessica’s exit and Comfort’s reappearance change things for the other contestants? Tell us what you think!

UPDATE: On the July 16 edition of SYTYCD, after both Jessica and Comfort were noticeably absent from the opening role call, Cat pulled Jessica out on stage to give us the news on her next steps. The dancer said that her doctors discovered the growing pain in her side was actually one fractured and two broken ribs, and that she’d be taking the next four weeks off to rest in order to appear on tour in the fall. Sources involved with the show and tour said that this decision will be conditional on Jessica’s health at the time of the tour; they also reported that Comfort will be on the tour acting as an alternate if Jessica is able to perform, but that nothing is confirmed at this time.