Jim Gaffigan, My Boys
Credit: Patrick Ecclesine

Dear My Boys: I owe you an apology. When you debuted in 2006 — a comedy about a sportswriting, beer-drinking Chicago gal named PJ (Jordano Spiro) and her troupe of man friends — I found your early episodes so awkward, I mercilessly dropped you on my Worst of TV list. Mea frickin’ culpa. My Boys has modestly morphed into one of the funniest comedies on TV. I grin through the clever dude banter and laugh out loud at the odder moments, like when ladies’ man Mike (Jamie Kaler) randomly busts out his eerily spot-on ”McConaughey” impression at a bar, complete with signature Awright, awright. I love Spiro’s unadorned delivery, as well as those nice, big natural pauses. And while we must hail comic Jim Gaffigan, my favorite Boy is Michael Bunin; as nice guy Kenny, the man can steal a scene with just a reaction shot. My Boys is a comedy of good, laid-back Midwest stock: It’s smart without trying to be too darling. So, sorry, thanks, and oh — go Cubs. A-

My Boys
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