This is certainly a step up from Nicole Richie. NBC’s fraktacular Chuck has recruited the fraktabulous Jordana Brewster to play a love interest for Zachary Levi for a minimum of three episodes, executive producer Josh Schwartz confirms to me exclusively.

Her character is the infamous Jill, the “mythic college girlfriend who broke Chuck’s heart, slept with his best friend Bryce Larkin, and is basically responsible for setting his life crashing off course and landing him at the Nerd Herd,” Schwartz explains. “He always has imagined seeing her again, and being able to impress her with all he’s accomplished. Unfortunately, when he does meet her, he’s doing a computer install and she’s a brilliant, successful, beautiful doctor working to create antibodies to horrible diseases.

“The part is funny, romantic, there’s action and cool twists and emotional drama,” Schwartz continues. “It’s the juiciest arc we’ve done yet and one that ties very deeply into the mythology of the show and the character of Chuck.”

Schwartz says he has long wanted to work with Brewster, who seemed primed for small-screen superstardom last year when she was tapped to succeed Angelina Jolie in the much-buzzed-about (but ultimately doomed) Mr. & Mrs. Smith pilot. Here’s hoping Chuck does for her career what that show was supposed to.

What do you think? Do you spy the makings of a dynamic duo in Levi and Brewster? I have a hunch you do.