Boris Karloff, The Mummy (Movie - 1932)
Credit: Everett Collection

The Mummy (Movie - 1932)

Call me old-fashioned, but the first 10 minutes of the oft-remade but never bettered classic Mummy — wherein an archaeologist unwittingly brings Boris Karloff’s moldy 3,700-year-old mummy back to life — are among the most eerily effective in the horror canon. The special-edition EXTRAS contain docs, two geek-worthy commentaries, and a nifty tribute to Mummy makeup artist Jack Pierce, whose painstaking creations also include the Frankenstein monster (which left permanent scars on Karloff’s neck) and the Wolfman. Best what-if: Katharine Hepburn was suggested for Zita Johann’s role as the reincarnated princess. A-

The Mummy (Movie - 1932)
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