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Birds of Prey (2002 TV series)

Nearly six years after the show premiered on The WB to venomous hatred from comic-book fans, a startling realization rears its ugly head — Birds of Prey isn’t that bad. Yes, it played fast and loose with its origins: ”New” Gotham is completely devoid of its Dark Knight; the Huntress, once a mobster’s kid, is now the superpowered daughter of Batman and Catwoman; and Dinah Lance is a psychic teen instead of a tough-as-nails adult. But BOP is an eminently watchable crime-of-the-week diversion, made more so by Ashley Scott’s kung-fu spunk as Huntress and Dina Meyer’s maturity as the handicapped ex-Batgirl. The four-disc set boasts all 30 episodes of the animated Gotham Girls Internet series and the unaired BOP pilot — notable only for the presence of Sherilyn Fenn as Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. Big Bad. Mia Sara, another geek goddess, replaced her. B

Birds of Prey (2002 TV series)
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