The 10 hottest topics for the week of July 7, 2008

1. Pete Wentz says he talks to his unborn baby all the time
To which the baby says, ”You know what, dude? Just Facebook me.”

2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcome Sunday Rose Kidman Urban
Scientists say this puts the Ridiculous Celebrity Child-Name Clock at a terrifying three-minutes-to-Dweezil.

3. Justin Long and Drew Barrymore split
In the end, he was a Mac, and she was too PC.

4. ABBA reunites for Swedish premiere of Mamma Mia!
Ten minutes into the film, they partner-swapped and fought, then split up again.

5. Accused of tax evasion, Paul Hogan reportedly says to Australian government: ”Come and get me, you miserable bastards”
Well, it’s his best line since ”That’s not a knife.”

6. Nicole Richie stumbles on interpretive dancers exploring man’s relationship with the sea
This is a nice way of saying she saw some drunk frat guys peeing off a cliff.

7. Denise Richards tries making teenage nephew admit he’s seen her in a sex scene
Awkward! But isn’t that how we all learned about sex? When our aunts forced us to think about them naked?

8. Superproducer Rodney Jerkins says Heidi Montag could have a future as a singer
He also thinks she could be an amazing painter, and urges her to ”draw the squirrel” and send it to him with $5 million.

9. Robert De Niro: ”I do not think it is a good time to strike now”
”Not until I have made five or six more embarrassing movies.”

10. Jim Carrey wears Jenny McCarthy’s swimsuit in public
He calls this new character ”Borat.” Mike Myers thinks it’s hilarious.