So I was at a diner and The Whispers’ 1987 hit “Rock Steady” came on the radio. I interrupted the conversation to inform my friend Sheila that I loved this song when I was 12. It’s the first song I remember playing again… and again… and again. Sheila said she wore out her 45. Then the waiter started singing along (and we laughed with at him).

But here’s the funny thing: I just now watched the video (below) for the first time. (I didn’t have MTV or VH1 until 1993.) I never knew it was a man band singing that song. Or that as a tween, I had better/sexier moves than they did. Just wait for the chorus to kick in, and watch them rock steady — and very low impact. I do realize that the name the Whispers should’ve tipped me off, but again, I was 12.

While I work up the courage to search for a Tony! Toni! Toné! video, tell me if this mistaken identity thing has ever happened to you. True story: I received James Blunt’s 2005 Back to Bedlam CD as a gift from someone before I’d ever heard of him. I guess I didn’t register his name either, because when I played it, I thought, I don’t like this woman’s voice. On the flipside of that, hearing Billie Myers’ name — but not seeing it spelled — had me thinking that “Kiss the Rain” was sung by a man for the longest time.