The ''My Custom Van'' author on David Sedaris, Billy Joel, and squirrels

Michael Ian Black has a singular focus. ”I’m interested in awesome things,” says the 36-year-old comic and VH1 mainstay. Which is why Black called his new collection of 51 rollicking essays My Custom Van. ”Custom vans, by definition, are awesome.” Here are four more things that have Black’s wheels turning.

From ”This Is How I Party”
”What does it mean to ‘win’ at a party? It means having the BEST time, eating the MOST canapés throwing up the MOST throw-up.”

From ”Hey, David Sedaris — Why Don’t You Just Go Ahead and Suck It?”
”People who are as universally beloved as David Sedaris are, in my opinion, highly suspect.”

From ”What I Would Be Thinking If I Were Billy Joel Driving to a Holiday Party Where I Knew There Was Going to Be a Piano”
”I’m not doing it. I’m just not.”

From ”A Series of Letters to a Squirrel”
”I do not think you’re that cute. I do not think you’re cute at all…. In fact, I think you look cheap.”