The Jonas Brothers' style -- The trio gets their inspiration from Kanye's popped collar and Justin Timberlake's suits

Their sound may be Disney pop, but the Jonas Brothers have a look that evokes an entirely different playlist. We break down the fraternal trio’s summer wear, artist by artist.

Crowning Glory
Hanson’s triple threat of coifs played up the brotherly bond and drove the teens crazy.

Just Dandy
Scarves in the summer? Sure, if you’re taking cues from the likes of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz.

Tight to the Point
The brothers play it a bit more coy than Mick Jagger, but his skinny jeans and pointy boots still fit.

Gone Yachtin’
Popped collars and a plethora of plaid are by-the-book prep — and totally Kanye West.

Men at Leisure
Justin Timberlake leads the pack in wearing suits that are more dapper than dad-ish.

Three’s a Trend
Destiny’s Child could have patented the mix-and-match ensembles that define the Jonases.