So Robert Downey Jr. is gonna play Sherlock Holmes, eh? This, of course, comes just over a week after it got out that Sacha Baron Cohen is starring as Sherlock Holmes in a totally different upcoming movie. Which brings me to two important questions. One: Can RDJ please lobby Guy Ritchie (who is directing his Sherlock flick) to take a look at Gary Susman’s spec script? Two: What’s with all the Sherlock Holmes movies? Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Holmes. The original Arthur Conan Doyle stories and novels are total classics, obvs. The master deducer has been played by lots of actors in lots of productions, many of them awesome. I even started digging Fox’s House more when I got clued into its Holmesy paralells. But isn’t this a slightly random time for there to be some sudden run on the property?

Well, whatever. Both of these movies actually sound like they could be great. The leading men are two of my favorite contemporary actors, and the projects are different enough — the Ritchie/RDJ one’s an action-y drama, while the SBC one is a comedy that will reunite him with Will Ferrell as Doctor Watson (!). And what with production schedules and existing commitments, who knows if they’ll even end up in theaters anywhere near the same time. (I’ll take this as an opportunity to note quietly that early reports on Baron Cohen’s Bruno movie make it sound like it might — might — be more about exposing homophobic prejudices than reveling in them, as I’d worried last year.) So forget my carping! Why don’t you take over here: Which of Sherlock’s new adventures are you most looking forward to?

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