Catching up with the ''Twilight'' series -- EW's cheat sheet to Stephenie Meyer's best-selling books

For newcomers, here’s a summary of the saga so far. Are vampires the new wizards? ”If I ever thought my name would be said in the same sentence as J.K. Rowling,” says Meyer, ”my head would probably explode.”

3.3 million in print hardcover & paperback
Our heroine Bella moves to the Pacific Northwest, and falls for beautiful Edward. She craves his body; he wants her blood.

New Moon
2.6 million in print hardcover & paperback
When Edward disappears, Bella finds comfort in nice guy Jacob — who turns out to have supernatural issues of his own.

1.6 million in print hardcover
Evil vampires on the loose! Edward and Jacob team up to protect Bella, who must choose between boy beasts.

Breaking Dawn
3.2 million to be printed
Immortal Beloved or college freshman? Meyer admits ”the reason the books have gone on so long is I have a harder time giving up Bella’s humanity than she does!”

Breaking Dawn
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