Britney Spears and Madonna are working together again! The 26-year-old pop star and sad driver of toy cars will shoot a video that will run on multiple 1,000-foot screens at Madge’s upcoming Sticky & Sweet tour. “Who cares?” you might think, but then again, if you start dreaming up possible video scenarios instead of doing your job, this news can actually be pretty fulfilling. (Especially when doing this IS your job.)

Right now I’m picturing Britney loungin’ on a plush cigarette-shaped sofa, casually popping cheese puffs into her mouth one by one while barely watching the only copy of Britney and Kevin: Chaotic ever purchased on DVD. (Side note: That horror show inspired one of’s all-time great TV Watches. Read it here.) The song is “Justify My Love (Of Chemical Additives Remix),” which will bleed seamlessly into “Candy Shop” right after Madonna bounds into the room doing a series of Tae-Bo kicks, then swings Britney around by her hair extensions for having such unhealthy eating habits. They’ll kick and scream, make up, exchange friendship bracelets composed of red string, then make out, because they realized they should never have been fighting, considering their mutual love of candy.

But I’m sure your scenario is more delicious…have at it!