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So last week on PopWatch we discussed whether or not Friends should make the leap to the big screen, and many of you found the idea as enticing as scarfing down a heaping plate of mud. Cut to yesterday afternoon, when my spankin’ new colleague Michael Ausiello broke the news that Courteney Cox is joining the cast of Scrubs for a three-episode arc. That got me thinking about what existing series might benefit from casting the five other core cast members of NBC’s late, great sitcom. After all, the best way to stop Friends: The Movie from happening is by making sure its players are too busy to hop aboard. To that end…

I’d start by bringing Lisa Kudrow to 30 Rock as a fiery human resources exec charged with the unenviable task of trying to bring order, decorum, and a more formal dress code to the staff of The Girlie Show cast and crew. I know, I know… Tina Fey’s brilliant sitcom doesn’t really need improvement, and nothing will ever replace Kudrow’s agonizingly funny Comeback, but under that type of logic, we wouldn’t have those hint-of-lime tortilla chips either, now would we? (All together now… click here and begin the chant.)

So, PopWatches, now it’s your turn. Pick your favorite Friend and pair him or her with an existing series. Ready, set, cast!

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