I’m unnaturally obsessed with 2001: A Space Odyssey, and lunge at the chance to connect it with my real life. For example, when a Reese’s Egg happened to be perched just so on my laptop’s trackpad back in 2005 (pictured), I immediately thought of 2001‘s monolith. Both concepts — monolith and Reese’s — tend to linger in my mind at all times, luring me in with their mystique, omniscience, and tremendous significance to pop culture. So Tuesday’s gallery about 15 Space Exploration Movies (in honor of Science Channel’s Space Week) gave me the perfect opportunity to daydream about my cubicle turning into a giant Ferris wheel, and the running sneakers under my desk that I never use transforming into high-traction space shoes, so that I could slowly creep around it in zero gravity like this awesome spaceship flight attendant.

Aside from leaving the obvious comment (“You’re nuts!”), tell us below what cinematic space scenes you’d most like to act out in real life. And if your name is Dave — AGGGGHHHHH!