Stop what you’re doing and read this exclusive casting roundup I

just compiled. Seriously, it’ll be the most important thing you do all


• Jason Alexander has booked a killer (ha!) guest stint on CBS’

Criminal Minds. “It’s a really crazy role,” says executive producer Ed

Bernero. “He’s going to come in and turn himself in, but we have no

idea who his victims are. So we have to reverse profile.” The episode’s

slated to kick off November sweeps.

• James Streisand Brolin is headed to Law & Order: SVU, where

he’ll play an ex-military man with a connection to Chris Meloni’s

Stabler in the show’s season premiere. The episode will also feature

Chris Elliott as a stalkerish-looking dude who’s accused of being — OMFG! — a stalker.

• Justine Bateman, who’s turning into quite the serial guest star of

late (see also Men in Trees, Desperate Housewives, etc), is adding an episode of Psych to her ever-expanding resume. She’ll play

Victoria, the long-discussed-but-never-seen estranged wife of Det.

Lassiter (Timothy Omundson). Psych kicks off its third season on July

18. But you already knew that.

Prison Break is adding a new branch to Jodi Lyn O’Keefe’s family

tree this season. Producers are looking for an actress to play

Gretchen’s sister, a run-of-the-mill suburban mom who’s less than thrilled to get a visit from her sis. And I’d be heading into

serious spoiler territory if I told you why that is. So I won’t.

See, aren’t you glad you stopped what you were doing? Thought so. Now, tell

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