The Baby Borrowers
Credit: Tommy Baynard

The Baby Borrowers

It’s always the good ones, innit?

Nearly all the couples have brushed up against the real parents like sandpaper on concrete. Nearly all have had the requisite come-to-Jesus meetings about containing their frustration, practicing patience, and not calling their chosen baby “it.” Oh, but not Jordan and Sasha (pictured), who looked so capable they could open their own daycare service: Teens N Tots. Then Sasha had to go and ruin their business model.

After two weeks of parenting that was practically perfect in every way, the female half of the fan-fave couple popped off something fierce last night, as her charge’s mom tried to talk to the couple about her son’s fussiness. To my mind, the problem started when the mother, Barbara, told them her son, Luke, rarely cries. Please. All kids cry. All kids especially cry when they’re in a new house with strangers, and their routine is completely disrupted. Maybe Sasha should’ve expected that, what with her experience with foster kids. But let’s review one pertinent detail: She’s a teenager! She’s not in a position to expect anything. Luke’s mom, however, should well have seen that coming.

Now before you jump on me, saying I’m an apologist for bad behavior, understand that I don’t begin to condone Sasha’s rant. Anyone who gets so hot that they have to be dragged out of the room, still fighting to say their piece, needs anger management. Bottom line. That’s goes double when the spouter is a minor, and the spoutee an adult — triple when there are small children in the room. All I’m saying about Luke’s mom is that you don’t soft sell a hard job. In some way, she contributed to setting them up for a fall.

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Sasha’s meltdown was also disappointing because this was the firstweek most everyone else started to kind of get it. Kelsey was aces withBenjamin, who seems to translate “potty training” as “pooping is fun,wherever you do it!” Austin picked up the slack for Kelly, and handledhis twins with a surprising level of grace. Even Alicea — stink eye,pissy ’tude, keep-the-brats-away-from-me Alicea — finally managed to momup, and care about someone’s feelings besides her own.

The weak spot? That black hole of couples, Daton and Morgan. Arguingabout money is one thing (the number one thing couples argue about,actually), but not cleaning her kid’s poopy booty? Letting everyoneelse tidy up for her? Ugh! Explain to me how she’s not useless. Help mesee the light, PopWatchers.

And help me put Sasha’s craptacular response to Luke’s mom in somesort of perspective. Was this a normal teen tantrum (the likes ofwhich, neither being a teen nor having one, I haven’t seen in awhile)?Was she edited to look especially spazzy? Or is Sasha a seriously angrychick who hides it well… most of the time? I’m taking all theories.

The Baby Borrowers
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