Andrew McCarthy
Credit: Mark Von Holden/WireImage

Last season’s final episode of NBC’s Lipstick Jungle made it seem as if Andrew McCarthy wouldn’t be returning to the Candace Bushnell-created series; his character, Joe Bennett, was dumped by girlfriend Victory Ford (Lindsay Price). But don’t fret yet, Blane fans: McCarthy tells he’s coming back for the series’ entire second season, which begins Sept. 24. He also told us what’s in store for the fall:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Joe Bennett is coming back?

ANDREW MCCARTHY: Me and Victory go through our various ups and downs of our love life. We were broken up at the end of last season, so the first several [episodes] we’re sort of jockeying around each other. We’re not back together at this point, but we’re not out of each other’s lives. We’re just beginning.

So she forgives you?
I’ve done nothing wrong. She broke up with me, I mean, “What did I do wrong here?” It’s the Mars, Venus thing I think is the issue.

Do you think you will stay on Lipstick Jungle as long as it’s on the air?
I love the show. I think it’s getting better all the time. It takes a while for shows to find themselves, and with the strike all the episodes of the shows were written before we even filmed a foot, so there was no way they could change anything once they realized, “Oh these people are really good together, oh that doesn’t work as well.” There were no adjustments that could be made. Now it’s really starting to find itself and its voice.

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