The Partridge Family, Arrested Development
Credit: The Partridge Family: Everett Collection

Last night, I made the mistake of tuning into the steaming pile of Al Roker’s sweat rags that is Celebrity Family Feud. Teams from The Office, American Gladiators, and My Name Is Earl faced off, so I’d gone in expecting at least a crumb of hilarity. But when your favorite moment of a TV show turns out to be when Oscar and Meredith go in for mismatched celebratory gestures (he for the double high five, she for the double fist pump — and they totally pulled it off), you know you won’t be DVRing that shiz again. (Of course, I knew the hour would be lacking when Crush didn’t bother to show. Savvy P-Dubbers know that when there’s a Wolf, there should be a Crush, especially in an Office-esque setting.)

Still, the concept of pitting TV families against each other is pretty awesome. If certain clans rose up from the dead, I might be tempted to watch again. I’d watch the Arrested Development characters kick ass against the Partridges (pictured), if only to hear Lucille Bluth buzz in and say, “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.”

What about you — which TV families would you want to see Feud?

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